#1 – Play at least one show a month with my band.

#2 – Video the performances and populate YouTube with great clips of us doing our thang.

#3 – Reach 2000 ‘likes’ on my Adam Pitts facebook page (find that here), 500 ‘likes’ on the Adam Pitts & the Pseudo Cowboys page (see that here).

#4 – Finish “Rehearsals with the Pseudo Cowboys 2”, and the singles for “Lovely Trainwreck”, “People of the Lie”, and “Diane Daily.”

#5 – Get a song placed in film or TV (in progress).

#6 – Worry less.

Now how the heck do I actually do #6?

I guess we all shoot for the stars when we make New Year’s resolutions. Still, I’ve got to reach for it at least. There’s lots to do in 2013, but I’m excited to say that much of the above is already underway. Well, sans the worrying part.

Maybe you can help. Hugs and high fives go a long way. Tips certainly do the trick. But I’m curious if any of you want to get involved in a more personal way … hold on, that could unintentionally open some doors since lately some of my fan interactions have been too risque to describe here … what I mean is, if you would like to help video my band’s shows, or have any ideas you’d like to share in getting the word out for us, then please email me at Obviously, it’s impossible to tackle everything on my own (took me almost a decade to realize that), and I’d love your input.

Cheers! to what I believe is going to be an exciting new year! See you at the shows.