Adam Pitts – Bio

BIO – Adam Pitts

Adam will openly admit that he doesn’t make sense. Whether it’s by fate, or his own design, Adam Pitts has felt for most of his life at an arm’s length from true belongingness. It’s strange, then, that he sought a career in the music, given that an artist’s success depends heavily on finding a cultural facet in which to belong. Knowing this, Adam finds his need to express himself through music to be a paradox – a battle cry of individualism in flux with a plea to relate to the world around him. The result is the creative work and performance style of a person both fueled and frustrated by the search for kinship through sharing his musical expression. If you are someone who feels at times out-of-phase with the world, you’ll likely to find a companion in the unique perspective offered in Adam’s songwriting and his unique approach to performing live.

Adam and Dad at OrganGrowing up in Hickory, North Carolina, Adam Pitts’ earliest exposure to creating music came through his father, a songwriter in his own right. Deeply influenced by John Lennon and the Beatles, music captivated Adam from a very early age. As soon as he was old enough, he eagerly joined in the process of writing and recording music in his Dad’s home studio. At 14 years old, he received a 4-track recorder and began recording himself playing guitar, piano, and documenting his first compositions. The challenges of being an awkward teen were naturally fodder for his earliest songwriting. These were mainly songs about the unrequited love and social commentary on the flakiness of being accepted into the high school social order by obeying trends. Also during this period he develop an interest in experimented with electronic sound equipment; once to the point of even accidentally started a small fire at home with an experimental speaker array.

Adam formed his first band at 15 years old with close friends who shared his intense love for the Smashing Pumpkins’ music. Inspired by positive reaction from audiences at backyard parties and local coffee shops, it became clear that his dream of being a musician was more than just a passing phase. The band eventually took the name Earos, a silly play on words derived from Adam’s early association with music, from sources deeper than mere commercial invention.

After attending NC State University, Adam moved back to Hickory in 2004 to pursue music full-time with Earos. They went on to be a local favorite and the experience was invaluable in learning how to read and please a crowd. Yet, while the band enjoyed success as a cover band, they had a difficult time initiating fans to their original music.

In search of a larger market to perform his own songs Adam relocated back to Raleigh at the beginning of 2006 and began performing solo to pay the bills. While looking for members for a band designed to play his growing list of original songs, he continued to develop his craft as a solo performer. He began using unique instruments, such as a foot-operated tambourine contraption, ukulele, mandolin and even a kazoo. By adding a digital loop pedal along with the other instruments he was able to cover even the most unlikely of songs to appear in a one person act. For lack of a better descriptor, Adam Pitts soon began to be tagged as the one-man band by his growing fan base.

In the years he dedicated to establish himself in the Raleigh scene, Adam continued to push the envelope with his one-man act, adding more and more challenging popular songs to his already expansive repertoire, and drawing ever-diverse crowds to venues around NC. By 2009, his solo act was in full swing, allowing him to make a comfortable living, and return to pursuing his goals of creating, recording, and performing his own music with a band.

The growing pains of finding the right band lineup, sound, and improving his singing voice and songwriting were uncomfortably evident for the next few years. Also, while initially Adam believed that he could introduce his own music to the following he was building by playing cover songs, he found that there was a disconnect between his livelihood as a bar room entertainer, and as songwriter who desired to create and perform his own music. Eventually, he learned to accept the difference of his two different pursuits and decided to disentangle his own name from his band name, and just call the band “The Pseudo Cowboys,” the name of a mock band he and his high school buddies pretended they were in.

The Pseudo Cowboys have become a formidable rock and roll outfit in the Raleigh area, performing at great music venues in the region such as the Pour House Music Hall, and the Lincoln Theatre. The band has zeroed in on a sound all of their own due to the unique combination of Adam’s songwriting, love for 70’s-era rock bands, combined with touches of modern electronics.

2016 marks the beginning of a new era in Adam’s creative journey as he has released new music with the Pseudo Cowboys, and he feels that the gears are in motion to finally deliver his original music in the way he has been intending for all these years. While Adam still searches for his congregation, good things are ahead as his one-man band act continues to prosper, and The Pseudo Cowboys have released their newest EP, “Nectarine.” Stay tuned.